Words by Justin Bludgus

Joe Storm, inver

Joe Storm, invert

‘Crack’ ‘crack’
For our readers, that’s the sound of the demon alcohol getting involved in this interview. We got a 6 pack and a pack of cigarettes. I think we are set.

Let’s start off simple, What’s your name and where are you from?
My name is Zoltan Bodi and I’m from Hungary.

What was it like growing up and skating in Hungary and who were your favorite skater’s growing up?
Growing up in Hungary was like growing up in a deserted island. It was like no man’s land. We didn’t have a skate shop or anything like that. Somehow we would get a skateboard magazine and look at the tricks and try to copy what they were doing. I would say my favorite skater was Steve Caballero. We had all the Bones Brigade videos and the first shop opened in 1991.

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Dillon Buss

Photos by Xeno
Interview by Jawn Belushi

Ollie over to 50-50

Ollie over to 50-50

How long did you live in Allston Massachusetts? How was that?
About two years, that was so amazing and out of control at the same time. Lot’s of great stories came out of those years.

What happened at the Halloween party you had when you lived on Brainerd street?
Well like every good party scene, they usually eventually go bad. It wasn’t actually Halloween, it was a costume party in the summer, and we had been hosting the most incredible parties all year long, video projections, live DJ’s, all good people went and had an amazing time. Well this time was definitely the ender. My good friend Alex Filho got mixed up with some people walking by the party. They accused him of throwing bottles at them, something stupid like that, and they started sizing up with each other. I got in between the two, to break it up, and before I knew it, without a punch being thrown yet, this random guy lunged past me and shanked Alex in the stomach. The crazy thing was that Alex didn’t know he was stabbed and started beating the shit out of this guy, like threw him over the hood of a car, ran over the hood after him and started pummeling him. At that point I actually ended up fighting this crazy huge dude. The raddest part was my friend DJ was dressed up as Peter Pan and jumped off a porch onto this guy while me and my friend Buck were fighting him. Like straight up flew out of the sky onto him. From what I know Alex completely slayed this guy and told him to run off, looked down and saw his guts were hanging out and got snagged up by an ambulance. He was carried off with two middle fingers in the air, and later posted a photo of his wound on facebook. Dude is gnarly. He was in critical condition for an hour or so. So insane. Gave me a greater appreciation for life and people close to me.

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El Señor New York


Interview by Alex Corporan

I’ve known Spencer Fujimoto for two decades now. We met in San Diego while he was on tour back in ‘91. He was tiny but a natural born ripper. Throughout his career he skated for some heavy hitting companies, but when he had a part in World Industries 1992 video “Love Child” he really stepped up his game in the skateboard world. His professional career took off from there and graced the pages of many magazines, videos and commercials. Now he’s taken a new direction in skateboarding by starting a jewelry company called EL Señor based on iconic skate spots.

How has life been after skating professionally?
I’ve had some interesting jobs, from cleaning a bar, running a sneaker store, personal assistant, club promoting/production, to a team manager. The last three are 7 day a week gigs. It’s been a journey just like anything in life. You have to work hard to get what you want. Some things come easy and can get taken for granted, the things you have to work hard for are almost appreciated more.

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