Stu Miller Interview

Interview by Jawn Doe
Photos by Ryan Kochel

3.2 Stu-3306

fs smith

What you been up to today?
I just got done skating Stone Cliffe the Reading skatepark.

What’s Reading PA like?
Its a pretty sick city! Its kinda small and theres a lot of hood parts in the city but overall its not too bad.

Are there a lot of homeless and shit?
Yea theres some homeless people but definitely not as many as Philly or New York.

What’s there to do there besides skate?
Well theres a lot of good food in the Reading area! Theres the Reading Philles baseball team. Two Malls. The Schuylkill River. Theres a lot goin on here haha!
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Interview w/ Travis Knapp-Prasek


By Noah McManus

So where are you from and what’s it all about out there?

Born in Jersey, raised in Raleigh/Durham North Carolina.
North Carolina’s cool. Jersey is tight too, just didn’t spend much time there growing up.

Any good spots?

Yea, NC state university is a prime area. I’ve been trespassed from there for years so each time I’d go there it was always look out for the cops cause they want to throw you in the slammer for skateboarding. There are some really good parks/backyard ramps. Continue reading