Chris Senn Interview

Interview by Nobo

Photos by Jarad KidwellSAMSUNG CSC


What’s up Chris? How are you doing today?
I’m doing really good… Livin the dream

What does an average day consist of for you?
Average day, what’s that? I usually get up, get my kids ready for school (or hopefully sleep in and
their mom does!) If there’s waves ill try and get a surf in! Then I usually go to the shop and make
stuff, drawings, machines, and tats n stuff. Sometimes go skate just depends really every day is
another crazy adventure! I love it.

So are you a professional skater, a professional tattoo artist, or a professional
family man? Which one is it?
I’m a boat capt. Surfer. Dad. Therapist. Tattooer, I like bikes too. Snowboarding is fun. I’m not pro
at anything and never was!
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